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Sex education

Our sexology counsellor offers prevention, awareness-raising and sex education activities in schools and the community, with a feminist, pro-choice perspective and a positive approach to sexuality. The activities, which include workshops and an awareness-raising booth, are designed to be interactive, fun and versatile. They’re also appropriate for young people dand in line with the compulsory teaching content defined by the Ministry of Education. These activities enable children and teenagers to learn more about their sexual and reproductive health.

To learn more about our workshops and booth, click here: Overview of our sexology services

To book sex education activities in your community or for any other questions about our sex education services, contact us by phone at 514 271-0554 or 1 877 271-0555, or by email at

Sexology counselling service

Our sexology intern offers a free and confidential counselling service under an internship supervised by Grossesse-Secours' sexology counsellor. Meetings can take place face-to-face or online. The service is available from September to March each year.

Consultation may be required for a number of reasons : after an abortion or a miscarriage, for perinatal bereavement, contraception, sexual issues, difficulties with conception, infertility, the desire to have children, sexuality during and after pregnancy, body image and self-esteem during pregnancy, teenage pregnancy, etc.

This service involves a maximum of five 50-minute sessions. Three meetings are devoted to assessing the person's sexual development and behaviour, after which an intervention plan is drawn up. These three meetings are followed by two intervention meetings.

To register for sexology counselling with our intern, please complete the following form: Sexology counselling services.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact us by telephone at 514 271-0554 or by email at


  • Contraception and STIs
  • Safe sex, barriers and communication between partners
  • Menstrual cycle, menstrual protection, fertility and pregnancy tests
  • Possible outcomes of a pregnancy: continuation, abortion, or adoption
  • Consent (sexual)
  • The concept of free choice
  • Healthy love and sexual relationships and intimacy
  • Sexual and gender diversity
  • Gender stereotype
  • Puberty
  • And much more

To whom is this information aimed?

  • Teenagers (aged 12 to 17)
  • Young adults (aged 18 to 25)

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Our listening, your help

Your support is invaluable. By making a donation, you help promote freedom of choice in the community. Everyone deserves help and to be heard, in accordance with their values and choices. As a community organization, we can issue a tax receipt for every donation you make.

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Grossesse-Secours services

  • icon ear

    icon earHelpline, chat or meeting at our offices

    Grossesse-Secours offers confidential support and neutral information on planned or unplanned pregnancy through its helpline, chat and in-person meetings. Grossesse-Secours uses a free-choice approach. Our counsellors are trained to deal with a range of pregnancy-related issues, including abortion, adoption, contraception, pregnancy continuation and ambivalence about options.
  • icon Pregnancy Test

    icon Pregnancy TestPregnancy test

    Grossesse-Secours provides free urine pregnancy tests on its premises and support based on the results, according to your needs. It’s always best to book an appointment in advance.
  • icon book

    icon bookSex education

    Grossesse-Secours' sexology counsellor travels to community and school settings to give workshops and set up sex education booth.
  • icon Contraceptive Prescription

    icon Contraceptive PrescriptionContraceptive prescription

    At Grossesse-Secours, you can meet with a qualified nurse, who can prescribe the contraception of your choice. She can assess your needs and give you more information about the various methods of contraception. This service is available by appointment only.
  • icon hands

    icon handsAbortion support

    Grossesse-Secours offers support to anyone needing help during an abortion appointment.
  • icon Menstrual hygiene

    icon Menstrual hygieneMenstrual health and hygiene

    At Grossesse-Secours, we can offer menstrual hygiene products to the Greater Montreal community directly from our premises. Contact us for more information.